Teaching our kids about 9/11


One can never fully comprehend the level of horror that was experienced by all Americans on that day. In an attempt to try and gain understanding about what happened and how it affected me in my own life, once again I turn to God’s path.

I was driving into Spokane, Washington for my morning shift as a lot attendant. It was about a 20 minute drive. Usually I had the radio on listening to the local talk show about the news of the day mixed with popular music. For some reason, I had the radio off. I still don’t know why to this day why I didn’t have the radio on. I always had the radio on.

“What’s going on?” I remember asking my coworker as I walked through the door. He was a cheerful guy, but something was troubling him. “You didn’t hear? They are bombing us man!” “What!? Who?” “Don’t know, but planes are hitting buildings in New York City and DC!” I turned to the tv we had in our customer waiting room and watched the 1st collapse of the World Trade Center. What just happened!?

I called Molly and asked her if she was alright. Molly worked at the Spokane International Airport and maybe she had some info or had heard something. She said that all the flights had been grounded and she may be going home. I told her I loved her and I’ll see her soon.

I started working, but my head was thinking of New York, DC, and Shanksville. I wasn’t walking on God’s path at the time, but I was sure praying that day. I prayed for many things. I prayed for the people to be protected and that no more planes would crash into buildings. I prayed for our leaders to figure out who did this to us so they could be brought to justice. I prayed for guidance if I was to go into the military to seek revenge.

Ultimately I felt God tell me no about the military. I wanted to, but He knew better. So instead I prayed for our military to be safe and to find those who caused the destruction to be brought to justice. My mom called me that night and I knew she was scared, but I told her I loved her and that it would be ok in the future.

Fast forward 13 years, now I have to try and teach my children about that horrible day. My boys have asked about it before and I tried to explain it so they understood. Now comes the hard question that I know my boys will ask, why would God allow that to happen?

Teaching my kids about the terrors in this world is a hard thing to tackle, but when I read from scripture the teaching is a little bit easier.  Here’s the general format of what I’ll tell my kids.  For one I will point to Jesus. Look at what happened to him when he was in this world. He was beaten, whipped, flogged, and hung with nails onto a cross where he died. That wasn’t fair for him because he didn’t do anything wrong. Look at Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers, he didn’t deserve that. Or Job being attacked by Satan just because Satan wanted to.

But when you look at what happened after the tragedies you will see that God had a bigger plan for them and for the people on September 11th. Joseph became 2nd in command of all of Egypt and saved the kingdom and his family from famine. Job received everything he had lost and then sum. Jesus conquered death and forever saved his people by sacrificing himself for us.

God was with us on September 11th. All of the planes that crashed were not completely full. Many people were able to get out of the buildings before they collapsed. One plane crashed in Shanksville because the passengers had the courage to fight back against the terrorists. If they hadn’t fought them, who knows where the plane would have crashed and how many more people would have lost their lives. And look at what that tragedy did to your own dad. I started to pray again and seek God again. God will never leave you! God will always be with you!

Dad’s, I don’t know your story about September 11th, but I do know one thing. We have an obligation to teach our kids about September 11th that honors those that lost their lives that day. We must teach them to never forget. Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance as you teach your kids about that day, but also teach your kids that no matter how bad it gets in this life God will never forget them! Teach them to put their trust in Him and he will keep their souls safe for all eternity!

May God bless you Dad!


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