A classic movie

As I sit at my table I can’t help but admire my boys. They are sitting in the living room watching a movie that I watched as a young boy and still love to this day. Anyone want to guess what that movie is?

The Goonies. That’s right, I’m that dad who watched that movie over and over as a kid. Now my boys are watching and laughing at the same movie I still watch and laugh at. I can’t help but wonder why they love this movie. Or why I love this movie for that matter.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the movie, you need to see it. There is some mild language so screen it first dads. When I break it down there are many things that a little boy would love. Finding a treasure map, running from escaped convicts, discovering a deformed lovable man named Sloth, a pirate ship, and beating death numerous times. But looking closer I see a group of friends trusting each other, helping each other, and protecting each other.

Their motives for going on the treasure hunt in the first place is what really brings this movie together. The group of kids, or Goonies, are only going on this adventure to help find the treasure to pay for their parents mortgages. They want to help their families. Ultimately if they find the treasure they get to stay together as a group and their families don’t have to worry about money anymore.

This movie isn’t your typical “christian” movie, but I say so what. The plot is about brotherhood and honoring your father and mother. These kids want to provide and take care of their friends and families. As a dad I want to do the same thing. God calls us to honor our fathers and mothers. We all know it was one of the 10 commandments. 5th one to be exact. Also the first 4 commandments were instructions we were given that specifically pertained to God. The 5th was the first commandment that we were given that was about other people. I don’t know about you, but that sounds important. Read it for yourself, Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.”

This movie does a good job, albeit a little far fetched, of how we should honor our families. No matter what it takes or what obstacles lie in your way, press on and honor your families. Specifically your Mom and Dad.

I’m glad I can share this movie with my boys and teach them about everything I just wrote. I’m glad they have the same humor as me. Do me a favor Dad’s, if you haven’t seen The Goonies, watch it! Again, if you’re worried about the language or skeletons, watch it first before you show your kids. But if you have boys like I do, you will all laugh together and love it.

God bless you Dads!

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