A dad’s prayer


Thank you for my kids. Thank you for entrusting me to be their dad. I am honored by your gift. I ask for your help in leading them as they become the men and women you want them to be. Please shape me so I may shape them. Where I am weak make me strong. When I fail help me to succeed. Teach me so I may teach them. Not for my own selfishness, but because they deserve a dad who is the best.

Father I love my children very much. I don’t see raising them as a burden but rather a badge of honor that I wear proudly. Help me to meet their needs and always point the way back to you.

Holy Spirit protect them when I’m not there, guide them as you always do, and whisper that I love them when they are afraid and alone. Tell them it will be ok. And if they veer away from your path I pray that you will give me the wisdom to help guide them back.

Lord I know you will love them more than I ever could, but please do me this one honor.  On the day that you call me home for eternity please don’t let my children pray this question to you, “Did my dad love me?”

In your precious name Jesus I pray this.


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