Prayer behind the walls

imageHere’s a prayer that I wrote in 2012 back when I was a corrections officer that I thought I would share.  (Way before this blog)  It was a small jail but if you can think of the crime, I saw someone arrested for it.  During 2012 the jail was the most hectic I’d ever seen.  Riots, assaults, escapes.  I can only thank God for keeping me safe.

If you have loved ones who work in law enforcement continue to pray for their safety but please pray for God to give them peace.  If you are a dad, or mom for that matter, in law enforcement ask others to pray for you.  Even though every fiber in your being says to help others instead of yourself, ask for prayer.  And if you don’t know anyone in law enforcement, pray for those who serve in your town or city.  Believe me, they need it.


Help me to be a light for you. Help me to shine your light into the darkness behind the walls. May I always do your will. Keep me safe so I may keep those around me safe. Protect me so I may protect others. Give me wisdom to discern evil. Keep me vigilant in prayer so I can be a force for you. When others disrespect me, give me the grace to forgive. When others try to hurt me, give me courage and strength to endure. Help me to not judge or condemn, but pray and care for the lost. May I always walk in your path. Lord I’m sorry when I have failed you. But above all may you be praised and glorified by my actions and deeds behind the walls.



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6 thoughts on “Prayer behind the walls

    • This was the hardest 8 years of my life. But I know God was using it as a means of teaching me to pray for those that nobody would ever want to pray for. He taught me about brotherhood and how to trust Him no matter how crazy the jail became. This prayer that I wrote was my attempt to put Him 1st at the time because I was terrified that I wouldn’t come home to my family. And after I left I know God was telling me that He had all my brothers and sisters in His hands. He is an all protecting God, and we’ve grown stronger together in our relationship. Thank you for commenting Anna and no problem on the follow. God Bless! -Donald

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