A dad tradition

imageSo I’d like to share a tradition that I started about a year ago.  I was cutting my hair by myself with some hair clippers and I saw my youngest son watching.  Because I don’t like long hair I asked him if he wanted to buzz my head.  Little did I know how excited my little man would be to cut his dad’s hair.

Some dad’s will utterly cringe at the thought of having their kids cut their hair.  Let me tell you something, I’ve experienced more fun and laughter from letting my kids cut my hair than I ever thought possible.  They absolutely love it and so do I.  Except the hair pulling and occasional cuts of course.

Naturally the hair cutting quickly turned into how crazy can we make dad look.  I’ve had mohawks, the friar tuck, checkerboard, and the triple mohawk just to name a few.  Sometimes we take a picture, but somehow it always ends up missing…  Oh and just for clarification, I finish buzzing my hair when they are all done cutting and laughing.  Hey, it’s just hair.

But this got me thinking, what are some other dad’s doing for a tradition with their kids?  I’d love to hear what other dads do with their kids, so please write a comment if you want to share.

God bless you Dads!



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9 thoughts on “A dad tradition

  1. I love the idea of little family traditions like this. They’re the little moments that really build up the experience of being a family. That being said, I don’t think I’ll let my little girl cut her own hair quite yet.


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