Crack it open!

imageAsk yourself this question.  How many times have you heard someone say, “I just want to hear from God.”  Or better yet how many times have you said it?

Speaking for myself I can say that I’ve said that little phrase quite a bit.  I’ve said to my wife, my pastors, my friends, and my family.  I’ve actually gone through several times in my life where I just didn’t feel connected to God.

Sometimes I think God must look at us and laugh.  Not in a sinister way, but just at how he’s given us the path and yet we still refuse to walk on it.  He’s shown us the way and yet we still grumble, “what way do I go.”

The only way we will ever hear from God is to crack open his Word and start reading it.  It really is that simple.  Think of the excuses why we don’t read his word.  Here, I’ll list mine and see if you relate.  I’m too busy, too tired, I’m exhausted, I forgot, I can’t find my bible, I don’t know where to begin, I read a blog that had a couple verses, I don’t understand all the names of the bible, I can’t pronounce some of the words, reading is a lot of work, I started a reading plan and missed a month, why can’t Jesus just speak to me so I know what to do.  Any of these sound familiar?

I’ve tried reading plans, but I always felt guilty because I didn’t read a certain day or missed a couple of days.  Then I was told by a man I deeply respect that it’s not a failure if you miss a few times reading your bible.  Life happens.  It is a failure if you continue to use life as an excuse.

I want to be a man of God who takes care of his wife, his kids, his friends, his community.  I want to honor God in anyway possible.  I’d wager that if you are reading this, you want some of the same things in life.  In order for me to understand my calling, my purpose in this life, I have to crack open His Word and let him speak to me.  That’s why He called it the Word.

So now that you’ve read this, go and crack open your bible, or your computer, or phone.  Pray to Jesus that you are listening and then quiet your heart and mind.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you and start reading where He leads you.

May God bless you as you read His Word today!


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