A dad’s prayer – Protection


Lord Jesus,

I praise you and thank you for making me a dad. You’ve given me 3 wonderful children that I love dearly. You’ve blessed me with more than I deserve. Thank you.

Please protect my children Lord. This world has many dangers and although I can protect them in my own might, I can’t always be with them. In the times when I’m away from my children, I pray that you would put legions of angels in charge of protecting them. May they crush anything that would attempt to harm them.

Lord protect their friends as well. If my children can help someone else, I pray you would give them courage and embolden them to take the correct action regardless of consequence.

Jesus, protect the kids that will someday be married to my children. Only you know who they are and what they are going through. Bless them with your protection for a lifetime.

Father your ways are not our ways. As a dad I want to protect my children with all that’s in me. When I see a story of someone who lost a child, my heart breaks for them. I pray for understanding and peace for those who lost a child. I also pray that you would protect their parents so they will one day meet again with their kids in paradise with you.

Lord, thank you for protecting my children. You are an awesome God!

In your glorious name I pray,


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