A righteous sky

Photo by Donald Davidson

Photo by Donald Davidson

Psalms 85:11
Faithfulness springs up from the ground, and righteousness looks down from the sky.

I need to put myself on hold to look at a sunset every once in a while.  To see God’s brilliance in the masterpiece he paints each day for us is truly breathtaking. He know’s that my faithfulness rises as I gaze upon his glorious sky.

As I worship Him this Sunday I am just thankful that He loves me. I’m thankful he has blessed me to see his wonders. Even though I’m colorblind, I still get to gaze with true appreciation of the works of his hand. Some will say it’s just some clouds and trees. To that I say, when was the last time you made clouds and trees out of nothing? Just saying.

Let your faithfulness rise Dads as you worship God today. Enjoy the wonders He’s shown you.  Whether it’s your children, your city, or your patch of sky.


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