Picture Day

imageToday for the boys is picture day. When I was a little boy I always thought picture day was weird. Mom would always make sure I was properly dressed, my hair was combed, and my face was clean. I was always given instructions to smile nice for the camera. I never knew why it was such a big deal.

Now as a dad I can understand where my mom was coming from and I love her for it. We give these pictures out to different family members for various gifts. It’s kind of like our way of saying here you go guys, gaze upon our great looking kids with wonder and awe. I don’t want my kids to make their “funny” faces, have food everywhere, or stains on their shirts.

All kidding aside, I just want a nice picture. Not because I want to place a burden on my kids, but because I want to show people that the kids are doing great. I want people to have a picture in their minds that we are doing alright as a family. That we got it together.

Psalms 122:7
Peace be within your walls and security within your towers!

I asked myself a question: if my kids have a funny face for their picture will it really be that big of a deal? It’s who they are. I need to stop putting my kids in a frame and start letting myself think of the big picture. My kids have awesome personalities and one photo can’t capture everything they are or will be. I believe God doesn’t just put us in one picture and say that’s who we are. I believe he enjoys what makes the picture.

Ask yourself this question dads. Am I worrying about the picture or am I taking the time to enjoy what makes the picture in the first place?

May God bless you Dads!


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